We have a commitment to the planet and the environment. It is reflected in the responsible use of energy and the mode of obtaining using photovoltaic solar panels.

We collect water from the rain by means of a raft that we use for irrigation of vineyards support.

Our vineyards are certified in ecological, taking care with criteria that treatments are necessary.

We fertilized the fields with manure of cattle ranchers of the area, coming from extensive livestock fostering the circular economy. This manure is mixed with the composting of winter pruning, skins of grapes and their scrapers that we obtain during the harvest.

We avoid soil erosion and maintain its natural vegetation cover during the winter.


We care about our customers and their quality of life. We care about the work quality of our employees and we bet on their professional careers, investing continuously in their training, also ensuring that they have a good personal development.

In addition, we maintain close contact with our suppliers, ensuring that all their products are of quality and certified for food use.


Our grapes come from our own farm, this allows us to track first hand our raw material. All our vineyards in production are certified in ecological, we limit the use of phytosanitary. We treat only when necessary with the necessary dose with organic products. We can reduce these treatments with good management in the vineyard providing greater aeration in the plant.

We are very aware that with a healthy and well maintained vineyard determines a quality wine.