Our Wines

We hope that the moment you taste the first cup you can perceive the earth and the hands of the vintage. Because each wine keeps its story and tells it to us through the senses.

Finca Wines

Finca wines are wines made from different plots and grape varieties, where each of them is chosen in the appropriate proportion for the best assembly of the vintage


The families have gathered over the centuries around the heat, the fire, to meet and share: “Lo,” in the ancient farmhouses. We recover the concept that so well defines our winery and farm: a meeting place to meet, share and enjoy.

Wines of Parcela

Parcela Wines are wines made from a single variety (monovarietal) of a specific land of the outstanding vineyard of the year. Each vintage we will select only the most special and best quality vintage, as a result we will not bottle every year the same references.


The boulders of the river bear witness to the late awakening of the oldest vines. His wisdom dodges the spring frosts and continues to grow in a balance where our intervention is reduced.


At the top of the hill, the deep roots of old vines seek elusive water. A harvest that was made to wait, as it is prized not only for us. A neighbor who inhabits the surrounding forests always comes forward, the boar.


At the foot of an old Masía, the cold clay holds the awakening of the first plants. The sap begins to circulate through its trunks until it spills through the cuts of the pruning that dismiss the previous campaign. We call this phenomenon “Lloro.”

The Three Sisters

The winding path of fruit trees presents us with “las Tres Hermanas” .Three stepped plots on a gentle hillside that orchestrate a single vineyard. The small difference in altitude makes each one possess its own character.